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Kiev. Revolution. February 2014

Kiev. The Barricades

Maidan Square.

Right Sektor militia

A break on the barricades.

Molotov cocktails at the ready.

Pouring molotov cocktails.

One persons freedom fighter, another persons thug.

Repairing the barricades.

Right Sektor – Ultra nationalist

Many older men defended […]

Kiev. The aftermath.

Lighting candles for the fallen. These events took place sporadically through the city.

The blood was still wet.

‘Titushki’ – Informer.

Fireworks celebrate the departure of ex- President Yushchenko.


Kiev 2014. Maidan Square. Revolution.

The funerals of those killed in the previous day were powerful affairs. Orthodox prayers were accompanied by haunting hymns and rousing renditions of the national anthem, there were many tears shed.

Men carry their fallen friends.

Red carnations symbolising fallen heroes.

Remembering his fallen brother


Horse fair Cahirmee.

Cahill’s Bar. Bere Island. Closed it’s doors in 1958

Joe McGuinness

Emergency car situation made me pull into nearest garage, which happened to be down a lane way in Ballyfermot, Dublin, whilst waiting I met Joe McGuinness. When I asked how long on crutches Joe told me his story in brief. Whilst in prison he fell over accidentally. The guards didn’t believe he was in pain […]

Fruit seller Macedonia

I was in the Balkans for the month of July. In Macedonia I visited the lake at Ohrid. I found this lady selling fruit in the marketplace.

Gypsies in Belgrade toast their recently passed Mother.