Nan Hourihan, Bandon RIP.

shops jpg.  Nan Hourihan- Bandon, Co. Cork

Gypsy In Kosovo

I met this chap whilst waiting for friends in Gracanica, a small Serbian enclave outside of Pristina in Kosovo.  He was drunk but had some English so we could communicate to a certain degree.  He told me that the Gypsies lived in the protected enclave with the Serbs because they had sided with them during the war and the Albanians treated them badly, so they kind of clung to the Serbs for protection.  It was a heavily secure area and he whispered in my ear to be careful as it was very easy for someone to  simply disappear in a place like this.   I didn’t take him seriously but he had those kind of eyes that make me a little shifty. At that I shared a smoke with him and made my farewells.IMG_2728

Roskilde ferry Denmark


A gypsy family in Shutka, northern Macedonia.

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Wedding dance on the street in Varanassi